Since 1984 Pete and Marianne Smith have made a small business, Picturemaps, fitting tons of information into small spaces.  While having your coffee break you could learn all the Kings and Queens of England or the entire History of Art and when you get home start the cross-stitch embroidery version, or possibly even the jigsaw, all produced in the UK.

Picturemaps - Kings and Queens

We’re called Picturemaps because our first project was a pictorial map and we still do them...

Picturemaps - the Stade, Hastings

Pictorial maps led us to doing detailed cross-sections - castles, museums, towers, boats, theatres...

Picturemaps - The Globe Theatre, London

Picturemaps style appeals to all ages and in recent years we’ve been doing more and more timelines.  We’ve always been a bit obsessed with trying to illustrate our place in history  - did the Romans come before or after the Tudors…?

Picturemaps - Timeline

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